Zero Touch IP Phones Migration with MigrationFX

Ok, Not totally “zero touch”, but you will get the idea.

Hello, It is the time of the year again :).  And no I don’t mean Thanksgiving, but the time of a fresh upgrade to your IP Phones. Planning to upgrade Cisco phones seems got a lot easier without the cost and complexity of rolling out phones and cost of Field operation rollout . UnifiedFX ( the developer of the UC tool PhoneView, introduces MigrationFX. 

From the functionality point of view, it is as simple as unplug the old Cisco IP Phone (like 7941) and plug the same cable (should be the same cable/port) with a new IP Phone (lets say the unique Cisco IP  8845) , and the new IP Phone get identified to be a replaceable IP Phone and move all the old phone profile with original line settings and IP Phones device settings (common profiles at least).  You can see a demo in the following video:


UnifiedFX states that  all Cisco Customers can get a free “Site” License of MigrationFX from Cisco in trad-in of Old phones and purchase a min of 100 new Phones. Orderable by the Promo code: L-CP-MGFX-PROMO=. There is a Free Trial you can download for Lab validation Environment.

In a future post, I will highlight the technical details of the operation of the Zero-Touch MigrationFX and how it is integrated to the system. Highlighting the potential cost saving. So stay tight for our future deep dive.

Note: I absolutely have no affiliation with UnifiedFX and highlighting this product here is merely to the share a useful tool that for sure improve IP Phones migrations to the customers and partners.





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