Happy New (and interesting) Year – 2017



I hope you all have a very happy, productive, extraordinary, and (for sure) interesting new year 2017.


I am Back

After several busy months of blogging inactivity, I have decided to relaunch the UC Journal Blog (Re-named Collaborations Journal) and start a weekly posts covering the latest and state-of-the-art advances in Collaborations technologies. I will try to cover wide perspectives in the Collaboration Technologies and digital Work-space.

Topics on How-to-implement and topics on How-to-Design  are also covered and Excellent referral posts from other blogs will be also re-posted with some comments. I will try to be vendor neutral as much as possible, however will be leaning toward the latest state-of-the-art development from Cisco, Microsoft, and other Enterprise and SMB dedicated technologies.

I will also cover several state-of-the-art emerging technologies like SDN/NFV and IoT in relation to Collaborations Technologies.

Also wait for the launch of the new domain moniemrezk.com