Insights into Cisco Live US 2015 in San Diego – First of All


It was really a fun week. Cisco Live this year in San Diego is amazing. This is my second attendance to Cisco Live and first time to be in San Diego, and I have to say: It was a BLAST. This year’s Cisco Live in the US is really unique. It is really emotional to say goodbye to the amazing John Chambers and watch the smooth transition to the upcoming CEO Chuck Robbins.

As a member in the CCIE Certification Advisory Council, I got invited to the NetVet event this year.It was the first time to attend the NetVet and it is really great. The idea to get to know the like minded CCIE community around the world and interact with them is really a great experience. I can’t believe the number of people of multiple CCIEs. Made me jealous though. 🙂 . But it was a great to meet both John Chambers and Chuck Robbins in an exclusive open table Questions and Answers with the CCIE community. I managed even to take a picture with both leaders. 🙂


I have attended many sessions in Collaborations, SDN, Data Centre, and DevNet Events. Very unique sessions captured my attention in which I will put a brief in the next posts. I really enjoyed the DevNet sessions and Labs. If you are planning to go to Cisco Live next year or next time GO TO DEVNET LABS 🙂

Finally, I wanted to Say:

I LOVE SAN DIEGO. 🙂 It is an amazing City. The beach. The People. It is a great place to relax, meet friends, and have a good time.

San Diego Hotel Del Coronado - Coronado Island.

I will be posting a brief of some of the sessions I attended. Stay tuned 🙂


Are you going to Cisco Live 2015 in San Diego this year!

Cisco Live is just around the corner and it is in the beautiful San Diego this year. This will be my second attendance to Cisco Live and let me say I am really looking forward to it. If you haven’t attended Cisco Live before, I strongly recommend to do so. Even if you will not attend the full conference, World of Solutions alone worth it.
I will be in Cisco Live attending several Collaboration and Data Centre sessions. Beside working on some on the Walk-in DevOps and walking through the World of Solution. I will be actively tweeting every significant experience during the Event using the twitter handle @moniemrezk to the people out there didn’t have the chance to attend. This would be part of several Tweeting list mentioned by Tom Hollingsworth in the networkingnerd blog.
Cisco Live would be a great opportunity to meet and network . I will be in the CCIE Hall of Fame every day and in several Collaboration sessions. I would be glad to meet and network with you guys. Please drop me a line or a comment to meet.
I will see you guys in Cisco Live

Cisco UCM 10.x Licensing Reference

Understanding the Cisco UCM Licensing model 9.x and 10.x is an essential step in the pre-sale and Post-sale process in working with Cisco Collaboration Architecture. By knowing the different types of licensing model and its mapping to users and devices, pricing, quoting, design, and even upgrade decisions would be informative and clearer.

The following two figures can be considered as  a reference in understanding the licensing model for users and devices.

  1. Licenses and Features:
Licensing Picture
Licensing and Features

2. Licenses and Device types/user features associations

Licensings Devices_users