Into the Meeting Room: Cisco Spark Board


Spark board 3.jpg
Today Cisco announced in special keynote Cisco Spark Board with All-in-one Device for Team Collaboration in the Meeting Room.  All-in-one Capacitive multi-touch with 4k Display gives really an impressive experience. All integrated with Cisco Spark Applications for Desktop and Apple IOS devices as well.
Main features of the All-in-one Device:
  • A wireless-based presentation with proximity: Cisco Spark Board sense the proximity of any Spark Client in the meeting room with ultrasound wireless pairing technology. It provide a sharing and conference platform for any Spark Meeting
  • An interactive digital whiteboard that allow everyone in the Spark Meeting Room to Edit and auto-save it. It can be in the background and foreground of any ongoing Video Meeting. Equipped as well with a stylus-like pen.
  • Spark Board as well comes with beamforming microphone array and Voice-Track technology ensures that potential eliminate on-desk microphone. They are adopting their Voice tracking 4K Camera (currently available in the latest MX series) into Spark Board.
Cisco Spark Board comes with two screen sizes 55 Inch (Price tag of $4,990) and 70 inch (Price tag of $9,990 later this year) with Spark OS and managed by Spark Cloud (based on Webex Engines) with monthly subscription.
You can check this nice Demo video on
Cisco Press Release:

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