An interesting Read: Applications Performance and network mitigations

Recently, I came across an interesting article on SDXCentral portal addressing Applications Performance from the Network perspective (every application at some point can potentially underperform) and Network mitigation to address these underperformance issues. It starts by laying out the three major network aspects that can be found in any Private or Public Cloud implementations of applications namely: Network Delay, Packet Loss, and Jitter.

Three interesting performance mitigation methods the author is proposing:

  • Intelligent  Connectivity Model with Hybrid WAN and with SD-WAN logic in place
  • Multidimensional Quality of Service Techniques that can be deployed close-to-the-device, close-to-the-edge,  and Core QoS WAN and LAN implementation
  • Application Awareness of Network conditions and adaptation. This is an interesting topic I will cover in details soon an separate article

I hope you like the article. You can read it HERE





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