Collaborations Tech-Bites – Cisco Expressway Design Overview and Considerations – Part 4 of 4

Hello there,

Here is the final part of the first Series of Cisco Expressway – Design overview. In Part 4 we highlight the Design Considerations of Expressway including Service Discovery, Directory Search, and regional and global design. We highlight as well what will be covered in the next parts of the series.

Your feedback on the all series is appreciated as well. What is good and what is need to be mitigated. I really appreciate your feedback.

Also For any question or Enquiry, please Comment.


8 thoughts on “Collaborations Tech-Bites – Cisco Expressway Design Overview and Considerations – Part 4 of 4

  1. Hello Abdel,

    Very important topic just on time, nice presentation.

    I am planning for an MRA deployment early next year I find it hard to figure out when to use the single NIC or dual NIC model and does it require a license I saw your earlier post that explained the network models but can not tell when to use which?
    Another concern is the customer InfoSec team when it comes to such product where nodes are published to the internet in the DMZ I get questions like where do I have my proxy deployed and if not then what level of inspection does the Exp-E cover questions that I as UC can not relate to any ideas?



  2. Hello Youssef,
    For the First question, Single NIC or Dual NIC deployment specially for Expressway-E in the DMZ depends if you prefer to have two separate connection for External Communications and Internal Communications (Tunnel to Expway-C). You need to specify the internal IP Address and External IP Address as Listening ports for each NIC will be different. Also if you choosed Dual-NIC, you must physically connect both NIC Cards or you will find Expressway-C tunnel will be down. No License is needed here as far as I know.

    Reverse HTTP Proxy is done on the Expressway-E mainly, but also Expressway-C ,
    There is a slide with the incoming and outgoing Ports you will find in Part 3 or Part 4 in the videos.


  3. Really
    It was very helpful to me , slides are very strong and focused
    and your explanation is very simple and clear
    it was tasked to me to install Expressway Solution on Customer site
    and I start Searching any materials can help me in this deployment
    and found your series about Expressway
    I will start Deployment it today
    and will stay to see your upcoming videos in this series to know the best practice
    thanks for your help and efforts Abdel-moniem


  4. Hi Abdel,

    Thank you for these videos. Very informative and clearly explained. Really enjoyed watching the videos on Expressway. Looking forward to the Deployment series. Thanks


  5. Hi abdel,

    This is really great presentation full of information. all of the design topics were covered.
    i will be appreciated if you can upload the presentation or at least can you tell me which software you used for presentation? template name or something ?

    Thanks & Best Regards


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