A Good Read: Speeding up the internet

A very good Article by Terry Slattery on NoJitter Portal. He is arguing about the current network research of speeding up the internet and a trial by some network researchers in Duke and Illinois universities in testing several part of the internet access in Microwave Link access in the effect of this improvement to the general speed of the internet in this part. In this article, Terry is refereeing to the current limitations in TCP/UDP protocol stack in relation to the current used application and also three current used alternative that could be leveraged to mitigate those limitations.

The proposed alternative protocols are:

  • Stream Control Transport Protocol (SCTP): that is documented in RFC4960 that clearly describes the limitations in the current TCP/UDP protocols and  how SCTP would address those limitations. In a future Post, we will work through using SCTP along with Session initiation Protocol in WebRTC technology.
  • SPDY: which is not an abbreviation but a word-playing of the actual “Speedy” that was a trial from Google to promote high speed web access in which is replaced later by HTTP/2
  • Quick UDP for Internet Connection (QUIC): In which Google introduced back in 2013 to the public and with an excellent update back in April 2015 that is used now in the YouTube streaming with a Zero-ms Delay in session transmission eliminating the Three-way handshaking in traditional TCP and provide significant improvement in using TCP over TLS.

How this will shape the future of the Unified Communications Applications and Interactive Voice and Video over IP. Improving the underlying transport protocol will introduce a significant effect on the performance the Collaborations services from interactive immersive Video conferencing to IM and Presence Chat service.

In A future post, we will perform some digging in both SCTP and its WebRTC adaption and QUIC with Youtube and how it can be application to Unified Communications Applications.

Enjoy the Read of the article below:

Speeding up the Internet 


Abdel-Moniem E. REZK

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