Cisco UCM 10.x Licensing Reference

Understanding the Cisco UCM Licensing model 9.x and 10.x is an essential step in the pre-sale and Post-sale process in working with Cisco Collaboration Architecture. By knowing the different types of licensing model and its mapping to users and devices, pricing, quoting, design, and even upgrade decisions would be informative and clearer.

The following two figures can be considered as  a reference in understanding the licensing model for users and devices.

  1. Licenses and Features:
Licensing Picture
Licensing and Features

2. Licenses and Device types/user features associations

Licensings Devices_users

2 thoughts on “Cisco UCM 10.x Licensing Reference

  1. Hi,
    That’s correct, just adding that the beloved Cisco doesn’t migrate the free DLUs from Pre 9.X, you have to consume every unit of your existing license before the upgrade, or else the free DLUs won’t be migrated…

    Ahmed Salah


    1. Hi Ahmed,
      It is always as part of the Licenses migration is to make sure the Customer doesn’t have any unused or registered Order in the system. I will complement this post with Licensing migration steps soon.


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